Meet Copper and find out how proper ID brought him back home from a dangerous – and almost deadly – night on the streets

When you realize your beloved family pet is lost – the world gets turned upside down.

For Jennifer, an East Lake Veterinary Hospital nurse, her dog Copper managed to slip out of the backyard when she least expected it. Missing one eye and mostly blind in the other, Copper wandered away from home late one evening.

After hours of searching and calls to various animal services throughout Dallas, Jennifer received a call from the City of Dallas Animal Control – at 3:30AM.

Exhausted, struggling to breathe, and in pain, Copper was reunited with Jennifer that same morning. Dr. Fling and Jennifer attribute his quick recovery to Copper’s collar, which contains the following:

1. East Lake Rabies Tag

2. Current City of Dallas Registration Tag

3. Name Tag (with microchip information and the message “I’m Blind”)

Sometime throughout the evening, Copper was struck by a vehicle which broke five ribs and left him in a ditch, where animal control found and retrieved him.

Though the evening could have ended much worse, proper identification brought Copper back home and into treatment for his injuries.

Did you know?

– Getting lost is the #1 cause of death for pets

– 1 in 3 pets goes missing during it’s lifetime

– Without ID, 90% of pets never return home

As careful as we can be, it’s impossible to know when our pets might wander away from home due to a door accidentally being left open, a gate that was unlocked, or even during a disaster; making sure your pet has the following information on a collar is ideal:

1. Your contact information

2. Current veterinary clinic rabies tag

3. City registration tag

4. Microchip tag

For more information on obtaining the proper ID for your pet, call us today at (214) 342-3100

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